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Compilation of 11 simple skills easy to execute

Football, the king of sports, always presents numerous dramatic, exciting, and technically complex situations for players on the field. While playing football might not be difficult, becoming a skilled player on the field is no easy feat.

There are countless different football prediction today match techniques that players can explore and master. In this article, Sport9 will compile 11 simple skills to help you improve your game.

Compilation of 11 simple skills, easy to execute

Modern football is continuously evolving, and with it, skills are also being adapted and creatively enhanced to create unique techniques. Here is a compilation of 11 simple football skills, ranging from basic to complex, for you to consider:

1.1 Poke & Run

Poke & Run is one of the most popular and simplest techniques players apply during matches. This skill is executed by lightly poking the ball with the tip of your shoe and then running past the opponent to receive the ball behind them. Although simple, Poke & Run requires players to accurately assess the space behind the opponent and maintain a safe distance between the two.

If you've attempted this technique on the field but failed, it might be because you were standing too close to the opponent, with limited space behind them for you to receive the ball. Poke & Run is a dribbling technique often utilized by Ronaldo in high-stakes matches.

1.2 The Roll

The Roll technique is relatively difficult and requires a player to be very agile and experienced to execute it successfully. This technique involves using the underside of the foot to roll the ball quickly. Then, you use the other foot to either control the ball or pass it to a teammate.

To execute The Roll effectively, pay attention to the distance from the opponent, avoiding standing too close to them, and not letting them anticipate your intentions. Failure to adhere to these principles will disrupt your plan.

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1.6 Step Over

The Step Over is a familiar and popular skill among players, known for its effectiveness. This skill involves two steps:

Step 1: Use your non-dominant foot to fake a dribble and shift your shoulders to deceive the opponent.

Step 2: Move with your dominant foot in the opposite direction to surprise the opponent.

Most players fail to master this skill initially due to disjointed movements. Therefore, immediately after the shoulder feint and directional change, ensure swift redirection to surprise the opponent and move in the assumed direction.

1.7 Fake Shot

The Fake Shot is a simple yet highly effective deceptive skill used by many famous players. This technique involves shifting the ball to your dominant foot as if preparing for a shot, then suddenly shifting it in the opposite direction.

When applying this fake shot technique, raising your arm to make it appear like you're genuinely preparing to shoot helps deceive the opponent. Then, swiftly change direction, cutting the ball across to the opposite side. Raising your arm is a common balancing technique during a shot, so performing this action convincingly is crucial to deceive the opponent.

1.8 Rabona

The Rabona is a high-level deceptive skill applied by many famous players worldwide. This technique involves crossing the ball by wrapping your non-dominant leg around your dominant leg.

Specifically, when the ball is positioned near your left foot, but you're right-footed, you cleverly wrap your left foot behind your right to generate force and ensure maximum accuracy. This is a skill mastered by Messi, a world-class striker.

1.9 The Compass Turn

The Compass Turn, or 360-degree turn, was innovated by the talented Zidane. This maneuver should only be used when the ball is rolling towards the opponent's side. At this point, you exploit the available space to pull the ball towards yourself, rotate your body to shield the ball from the opponent, and finally, unleash a powerful shot towards the opponent's goal.

1.10 Ball Scoop

Among the world's best football techniques, ball scoop is indispensable. This skill requires your stepping foot and the instep of

your other foot placed in front of the ball. Use the top of your foot to touch the ball and bring it to the back of your foot. Lastly, use the back of your foot to flick the ball forward.

1.11 The Chop

The Chop technique is quite similar to the Fake Chop. In this skill, players raise both arms to deceive the opponent, then cut the ball in the opposite direction. However, instead of cutting in front of the body, as in the Fake Chop, players cut behind their non-dominant foot. They use their dominant foot and the inside of the foot to chop the ball behind the defender.

Considerations when performing advanced skills

Whether simple or complex, football skills require long-term, persistent practice. You need to prepare carefully and practice extensively to master them. Make sure you have learned and understood the necessary knowledge, skills, and strategies.

Patience is key, as mastery often comes after numerous efforts. Don't forget to equip yourself with a pair of specialized football boots to feel and control the ball accurately, maintaining your performance level on the field.

In summary, this article has provided you with betting tips group on telegram that any player can execute with passion for the sport. Sport9 is a reliable source of authentic football boots trusted and highly rated by numerous customers. Partner with us, and you'll have peace of mind on your journey to conquer the round ball.

The road to becoming a skilled football player is paved with dedication and continuous learning. Keep practicing these skills, and you'll soon find yourself standing out on the pitch.


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