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growingPropagate catnip by dividing the plants in spring, or by sowing seeds at thesame period. Sow in rows, about 20 inches apart, thinning out the seedlingsto about the same distance apart as the plants attain a considerable size.They require no attention, and will last for several years if the ground iskept free from weeds. The germinating power of the seeds lasts five years.

Catnip can also be enjoyed at mealtimes. Adding fresh catnip leaves to yoursalad will help give it a mint-flavored kick. You can even chew on catnipleaves after a meal to freshen your breath as well.

Formulas & recipesCatnip flower uses Though most people associate catnip with domestic cats, catnip is actually used to flavor different culinary dishes. Catnip being a part of the mint family lends itself to a variety of dishes such as fruit salads, tea blends, and Mediterranean dishes. Catnip leaf and flower benefits for humans include sleep promotion and antioxidant benefits. Catnip is also used as a natural mouse and pest deterrent, making it great to have organic catnip bulk quantities at home.

Catnip Tea Recipe-Measure one teaspoon of dried catnip to a tea ball or bag-Add another teaspoon of dried mint-Pour 2 cups boiled water over the teabag-Add a teaspoon of honey or other natural sweetener and enjoy!

Description:Suitablefor cat toys or for use as an herbal tea. Catnip is in the mint family, and hasa minty, grassy flavor. The principal natural constituent of catnip isnepetalactone, which is what makes most cats respond to catnip. However, not allcats respond to nepetalactone.

Catnip is well known for its gentle and calming properties as it has been employed in traditional western folk practices for centuries. Nepeta cataria is a member of the mint family and features a square stem, heart-shaped leaves, and small fragrant pink to white flowers on a terminal spike. The leaves can be tinctured, steeped into a relaxing catnip tea, and added to herbal tea blends.

Used in traditional medicine in Europe for centuries, and first mentioned in the poetic 11th century herbal, De viribus herbarum, catnip was prized for its ability to calm occasional nervousness and promote restful sleep. It was employed as a relaxant and diaphoretic and was thus helpful in cases of occasional restlessness Considered extremely useful for children, it was often used to support healthy digestion and soothe the stomach. Further, it was applied externally as a poultice. Catnip may be made into a juice too for topical application as was the practice by Nicholas Culpepper (a 17th century botanist, avid astrologer, physician, and herbalist). It is mainly the flowering tops, dried for tea or fresh as an essential oil that are used, but there are accounts of the root being used too. According to Maude Grieve, author of A Modern Herbal (which isn't really that modern anymore as it was published in 1931) the root can be overstimulating, so perhaps its best to stick with the above ground parts. The leaves and young shoots were added to sauces and stews for flavor (which somewhat resemble a mix of mint and pennyroyal).

Catnip was part of American folk medicine and Native American healing systems and employed as a gentle tea for children in cases of occasional upset stomach or sleeplessness. Catnip was used by the Hoh, Delaware, and Iroquois tribes for children's complaints due to its mild nature. The Cherokee used the plant similarly to other indigenous groups and also considered it to be an overall strengthening tonic. They chose this herb when a relaxant was needed in cases of irritability or sleeplessness, just like the Europeans. In the southwestern United States, catnip or 'nebada' amongst the Spanish speakers, was utilized in traditional folk medicine to allay a range of digestive challenges. It was considered particularly useful for soothing the stomach and enhancing digestion in infants. Also, it was sold as a brandy infusion with 'hinojo' or fennel as a digestive tonic. Catnip is useful for soothing stomach complaints and therefore good in a laxative formula with harsh herbs like senna. Some herbalists find it helpful to balance physical manifestations such as occasional indigestion that stem from emotional issues or the "gut level". This herb is energetically considered to be slightly warming and thus useful as a diaphoretic to bring on perspiration.

One version of an old adage regarding the relationship between cats and catnip is this: 'If you set it, the cats will eat it. If you sow it, the cats don't know it.' This folk myth suggests that when plants are grown from seed, or 'sown' cats don't bother the plant, but when they are transplanted, cats will destroy it. The feline's attraction to this plant is curious indeed, and in fact, referred to as the "the catnip response." It is not just observed in domesticated housecats, but also in jaguars, tigers, leopards, lions, and several other large cats. It elicits behaviors such as chewing and head shaking, rolling around on the floor, and even arouses sexual desire; this response lasts from fifteen minutes to one hour. They are responding to the scent of nepetalactone in catnip, the aromatherapeutic element being more powerful than taking it internally.

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You can sell the dried catnip in bulk to pet stores and cat lovers, make your own cat balls, even sell live catnip plants at the Saturday market. Growers who specialize in catnip can make a very good income with just a small patch of ground.

Many years ago, Leon Seidman began growing catnip for his own fussy cat, and passed out samples to friends. His passion for catnip has grown into what may be the largest international catnip business. Check out this web site,, to see how far he has taken this simple crop, and to get some ideas for your own catnip crop.

No matter what your needs are, whether for personal use or for business purposes, you will find viable solutions on Explore through various catnip and settle for the best for you. catnip suppliers will be able to find the best deals that help you save your money and shop for more varied products.

Wholesale catnip has become an industry with creativity and innovation. It is not limited to dog toys and cat toys. There are hamster toys, bird toys, and many others targeted for different pets. Moreover, they also function as home decor. Christmas dog toys, Christmas cat toys and cat tunnels sell well when used for aesthetic and design purposes.

Every toy retailer needs a ready supply of catnip and these teddies, plushies, soft toys and themed toy characters are always hotly in demand, especially for the big holiday seasons. Make sure your business has a steady supply of the toy products it needs by buying cat nip online at Our wholesale suppliers are ready, motivated and efficient, so it couldn't be easier to find and buy what you need online and receive your order quickly to your business. Search now for all of the boys your business - and your customers - want this season.

In the Cat Shop, you will find only the best in cat products, and that includes our selection of toys! Many cats will prefer to leave the catnip out of their toys. Our favorite brands without any 'nip include Go Cat, BoCA Pet, JW Pet, Premier and many more! Free shipping $75+ on select items!

A calm kitty happened upon a wild patch of an alluring herb. Into her nose flooded the intoxicating chemical nepetalactone, the source of catnip's power. It bound to her olfactory receptors, causing her to become intoxicated. The natural high opened her eyes to a magical realm she had never known, showing her a new kingdom over which to reign. From that day forth, she became the kitty princess the ruler of her own imaginative (and, yes, possibly imaginary) world. Celebrate your kitty's reign with the gift of a catnip patch.

Catnip is a great treat to grow for cats, but it is also a wonderful perennial herb for the garden. Its fragrant flowers attract many beneficial pollinators. Plus, catnip is a medicinal herb for humans, too. It's used as a very mild sleep aid in the form of catnip tea. 041b061a72


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