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Exploited Black Teens HOT!

The case of Tawana Brawley, a black teen-ager who says she was sexually assaulted and kidnapped for four days by white men last November, continues to cast its uneasy shadow in New York State. Yesterday, advisers to the Brawley family said Miss Brawley's mother, Glenda, will not reconsider her refusal to testify before a grand jury.

exploited black teens

After initial cooperation with local authorities, the family has refused to answer any more questions, on the advice of their attorneys and advisers - a trio of New York City black activists. The Brawleys and their advisers say that as blacks they will only be victims of racism in the criminal justice system. They accuse both local and state officials with a cover-up in the case.

In Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on Monday, State Supreme Court Justice Angelo Ingrassia ordered that Mrs. Brawley be fined and jailed 30 days if she did not cooperate. Family advisers, meanwhile, promised to help Mrs. Brawley resist arrest by seeking asylum in a black church, where she will be surrounded by supporters.

Others defend the attorneys. It was their insistence on getting a special prosecutor in the Howard Beach case, lwhere a young black man was chased to his death by white teens, that led to the successful prosecution of the case, defenders say. And the crowds that came to Poughkeepsie on Monday - nearly 300 strong - to protest the state action are testimony to their grassroots support.

Through times of trauma and distress, often all a child needs is to be showered with love. It may sound corny, but for the estimated100,000 children who are sexually exploited per year around the country, it can be transformative.

Some of the mentors are already connected to the field, therapists or social workers or nurses who have worked with sexually exploited youth in the past. Other mentors are simply people who want to help. The minimum duration of the mentor-mentee relationship is one year.

Roughly 89 percent of the young women who MISSSEY serves are black women. While most of the youth are referred to MISSSEY through the foster care system or the juvenile justice system, young girls are also able to drop in at the center to receive services.

Derek Lints wipes away tears as he speaks about his son Daniel, 17, at his home in Pilot Mound, Man., on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Daniel Lints was sexually exploited online in February and committed suicide as a result. THE CANADIAN PRESS/John Woods

So, forinstance, in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings (which certain liberalsalso exploited, as a way to ramp up their rather simplistic, if stilljustifiable calls for gun control), racists were using the catastrophe asevidence of why America needed to be an all-white nation. On the message boardof American Renaissance - the nation's leading "highbrow" whitesupremacist website, which prides itself on its academic and pseudo-scholarlytone - one could read any number of racist comments in the wake of theshootings. Among them, one writer noted, "This sad incident goes to provethat non-whites, whether they be Asians, blacks, Arabs, Polynesians or Mexicansare completely unfit for life in white societies and all should be deportedforthwith."

Ignoring thatthe shooter had been in the U.S. for almost his entire life, one commentator,apparently un-self-conscious about his own redundancy, exhorted: "Themurderous foreigner who murdered all those helpless people is just anotherexample of foreign invaders murdering our people and trashing oursovereignty." Yet another proclaimed these crimes to be proof of the"third world's war of immigration" on the U.S. - strange, consideringthat South Korea is not a so-called third world country - and insisted thatcriminality is genetically "innate" in "black and brownraces."

But if astory about a Korean American mass murderer is good for stoking racisthysteria, it pales in comparison to a good black-folks-raping-and-killing-whitestale. Nothing beefs up white rage and paranoia better than that, andsadly, such a story recently came to light: a truly awful crime in Knoxville,Tennessee, which occurred in early January.

Accordingto the charges in the criminal indictment, three black men in Knoxvillecarjacked and kidnapped Christopher Newsom and his girlfriend, ChannonChristian, and were then joined by a female suspect at the home of one of theperpetrators. Once there, the four raped both victims over several days, beforemurdering them. Clearly, this was a horrible crime, and all thinking people canagree that the perpetrators should face harsh punishment.

To theracists, the murders of Christian and Newsom prove that blacks are dangerous"animals" who pose a mortal threat to whites, and the only reason thecrimes haven't received national media attention, to hear them tell it, isbecause the perpetrators were black and the victims white. Presumably, if theroles had been reversed, the crime would have been front-page news, and onevery network. As proof, they mention the way in which the national presscovered the dragging death of James Byrd at the hands of white racists inJasper, Texas, in 1998. Or even better, they note the coverage of the rapeallegations at Duke University, in which case the media jumped all over a storythat, in the end, wasn't even true. The reason? According to the whitesupremacists, it was because the alleged rapists were white and the allegedvictim black.

With regardto the allegations of racially biased press coverage, to suggest that this casehas failed to receive media attention because of the respective races of theperps and the victims is absurd. Research has found that local news (which isthe source most of us rely on for crime information) over-representsblacks as offenders, relative to their share of crimes committed, and over-representswhites as victims, relative to the white share of actual crime victims.Furthermore, on both a local and national level, media tends to give moreattention to violent crimes committed by blacks against whites than thereverse.

There areseveral reasons, besides racial bias, why a crime even as brutal as this mightnot receive national news coverage. To begin with, very few crimes, includingthe most gruesome homicides, make national news. There are typically between12-15,000 homicides each year in the Unites States, and only a few become fodderfor national coverage. Of these, about 1200-1400 or so are interracial (withonly a few of these being apparently motivated by racial bias). Of theinterracial homicides, anywhere from 300 to 400 of these involve white killersand black victims, (Homicide Trends, FBI). But very few of these get nationalcoverage, contrary to the claims of the racists. James Byrd is actually theexception, not the rule, so conjuring his case as evidence that the media caresmore about black victims when victimized by whites than vice-versa, provesnothing. The year that Byrd was dragged to death there were 363 blacks killedby whites in America, and the other 362 of them have names that are known tovirtually no one but their families.*

Thosemurders that do receive national coverage normally have some unique news hook:the perpetrator is a serial killer, or the crime occurs in a public place, orinvolves a hostage situation, or involves a mass killing spree, or involves theviolation of federal law and thus takes on national implications, or perhapsthe crime has some kind of political overtone. If we look at some of theprominently covered national crime stories from recent years, for example, wefind several involving black perpetrators and white victims. But in each case,some special circumstance attached to the incident, thereby making whatotherwise would have been a story with only local implications, into a nationalevent.

Consider,as just a few examples, the Central Park Jogger rape in the 1980s; ColinFerguson's shooting spree on the Long Island Railroad in 1993; the DC snipersin 2003; the beating of Reginald Denny by three African Americans during theL.A. riots in 1992; the shooting of a judge and police officer, among others,in Atlanta in 2005 by a black defendant headed to trial; and the shooting of ayoung girl in a Flint, MI elementary school by a black child in the late 90s,not to mention the OJ Simpson case. But what differentiates all of these casesfrom the case in Knoxville, and likely led to them receiving maximum coverage,is that each involved a special "news hook" that made the incidentrelevant to a national audience.

In lateApril, three seventh graders in Highland, California placed a rope around thehead of a biracial child and dragged him around the playground at their school,while yelling racial slurs. (San Bernardino County Sun, 4-26-07) Earlierthat same month, in Palm Springs, a neo-Nazi stabbed a black couple outside ofa Starbucks, in front of a crowd of two dozen people (Los Angeles Times,4-6-07). In March, a black couple (one of whom was a pregnant woman) was beatenoutside their own home in Merrillville, Indiana, by two white men who yelledracial slurs during the attack and later sprayed the word nigger on their car (ChicagoSun Times, 3-28-07). In Elk Grove, California, a black teen was attacked byfive whites, one of whom ran his car into the young man on his bicycle (SacramentoBee, 3-7-07). In February, two security guards in Stockton, California -one of whom is Asian American and the other black - were attacked by whiteteenagers who poured gasoline on the road, then lured the guards into thestreet and threw a Molotov cocktail at them, in an attempt to light them onfire (Stockton Record, 2-11-07). That same month, in Tarpon Springs,Florida, a white man shot at two black men, hitting one of them, while theywalked down the road (St. Petersburg Times, 2-8-07). In January, aneo-Nazi in Newport Beach, California attacked a black man in a wheelchair, bypushing him into a lamppost (Orange County Register, 1-25-07). InBellevue, Washington, two white contractors attacked one of their black coworkersand tried to gouge out his eyes (Seattle Times, 1-4-07). And, inKnoxville, the same month as the murders of Christian and Newsom, a group ofwhites shoved a black student's face into a bus window while shouting racialslurs (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1-25-07). 041b061a72


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