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Roman Cruz

The Cheat Sheet Free EPUB PDF By Sarah Adams !NEW!

5/5 for me. GREAT READ BUT TORTUROUS TEASE. Read the romance "Cheat Sheet" and it will get into your very flesh and bones. Sweet, cute, caring, supportive and loving bestfriends turn lovers and nothing...I mean nothing I have read so far gave me such tingles. Slow burning, torturous, hold-your-impulse love that grows b/w both of them...only they keep it suppressed cuz none wants to jeopardize their friendship incase the confession is rejected by the other or their feelings (they think) are not reciprocated. And fvcking hell...Nathan...the moment you bought the entire building...I sold my heart to you. But sadly (not so sadly) he had given it away to Bree in hopes of never getting it back if she keeps it and She did. Love to Derek for saving a pic of their so clumsily constructed cheat sheet that proved...handy. Very handy. Just fyki: a tiny tiny scene of panic attack and injury due to accident mentioned.

The Cheat Sheet Free ePUB PDF by Sarah Adams



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