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Samsung Un65ku7000 Best Buy UPD

The KU7000 4K LED TV from Samsung is best priced 4K offerings from Samsung but still has ample some good features like Smart TV offerings, UHD Picture Dimming, a quad core processor, HEVC 4K streaming decoding, and a contrast enhancer. Though the 7000 has 4K UHD resolution, it rivals 1080p TVs of the same size from a year or two ago in price, one of its best features.

samsung un65ku7000 best buy

Generally, with scaling you get what you pay for. This is an area of great differentiation among 4K TVs. Some of the more expensive ones will have much better scalers. But, the 7-series does a reasonably good job for the price point. Scaling is exceptionally important since most of the TV we watch these days is streaming from Amazon, Netflix, HBO...or 720p cable. A TV's upscaling will never be able to make as much difference as the original signal source, but it can create cleaner, sharper image edges in the best case. The KU7000 does a good job presenting streaming and 720p signals. The scaler is not of the cheaper variety. This 4K TV will not look better than a very good 1080p TV with standard and HD signals, but wait!, there are no more very good 1080p TVs. The manufacturers stopped making them. While not the most robust scaler, the KU7000 gets a good score for the price of the TV.

The UHD Dimming feature really does not quality as local dimming and does little to enhance contrast in various areas of the screen. 3D is not included. 120Hz panel is not included. Even though the KU7000 has HDR compatibility, it does not have a very wide color gamut for enjoying the best benefits of HDR. Even though the 7-series does a good job of up-conversion, it does not have a high end scaler. The KU7000 includes a scaled down version of Samsung's Smart Hub rather than the top of the line Tizen OS.

UN43KU7000- $749.About the best quality you will find in the market for this size TV. You pay a couple hundred more dollars for the extra features and picture quality then you would a stripped down 1080p 43 inch model.

It's no secret that most TV smart platforms are not the best way to browse. Trying to check your email on a TV is the ice age to the PC or smartphone's Italian Renaissance, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

But that's not really what the best TV platforms are for. Stuff like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast are great because they cut out the often laggy, messy-UI cursed built-in proprietary platforms and get right to what you want: an easy way to watch Netflix on your TV.

While it's not the best pick for super-impressive HDR, testing revealed very reliable performance per the rec.709 standards, including respectable performance in the uncalibrated, out-of-the-box Movie picture mode. 041b061a72


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