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How to Bet on Even-Odd Soccer Matches Standard 2023

For experienced soccer bettors, the concept of "even-odd soccer odds" is no longer unfamiliar. This is a popular type of bet, and to play it well, bettors need to have a high level of analytical thinking. So, what are even-odd odds, and how do you place even-odd bets? Let's explore the details of this soccer betting type together with darts betting tips 

What are Even-Odd Soccer Odds?

Even-odd soccer odds are a type of bet based on the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match, with the result determined based on whether the number is even or odd. The Even option includes numbers like 0, 2, 4, 6… while the Odd option includes numbers like 1, 3, 5, 7… This is a type of bet with a 50/50 success rate.

On the bookmaker's board, you will see symbols like "E" – Even and "O" – Odd representing even-odd soccer odds. Because the winning ratio of this type of bet is 50/50, many people prefer to choose it. However, playing even-odd bets also depends on luck, as not everyone can accurately predict the final number of goals in a match.

Like other types of bets, even-odd soccer bets can also be placed in the first half and second half of the match. However, because this is a subsidiary type of bet, even-odd odds usually appear in the expanded betting sections of bookmakers. In addition, bookmakers also offer some other types of even-odd soccer bets such as:

  • Odd/Odd Bet: the number of goals scored by the home team and the away team is both odd.

  • Odd/Even Bet: the number of goals scored by the home team is odd, and the number of goals scored by the away team is even.

  • Even/Odd Bet: it means betting on the number of goals scored by the home team to be even and the number of goals scored by the away team to be odd.

  • Even/Even Bet: the number of goals scored by both the home team and the away team is even.

  • Even-Odd Total Yellow Card Odds.

  • Even-Odd Total Corner Kick Odds.

  • Even-Odd Odds with the total number of goals scored from penalty kicks…

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Even-odd soccer odds are highly popular nowadays.

How to Interpret Even-Odd Soccer Odds for Players

First and foremost, it is essential for players to choose a reliable and safe bookmaker, as each bookmaker will have different odds.

Let's take an example of a match between Real Madrid and Leganes to understand better:

If you bet on the odd odds for the entire match: If the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match is odd (for example: 1 + 2 = 3), you will win.

If you bet 100 points, you will receive 98 winning points. However, if the total number of goals is even, you will lose the bet.

Similarly, if you bet on the odd odds for the first half, if the total number of goals scored by both teams in the first half is odd, you will win. If you bet 100 points, you will receive 100 winning points. In case of losing the bet, you will only lose 91 points.

It is important to understand the rules and odds of the bookmaker before participating in betting.

Effective Even-Odd Betting Strategies for Beginners

To facilitate participation in even-odd soccer betting, let's explore some effective strategies with the experts from 78Win.

Consider the form of both teams

Players can evaluate based on the recent playing form of both teams or the difference in class between the two teams. If both are major teams, with a distinctive playing style and difficulty in scoring goals, there will usually be fewer goals, making it easier to predict the outcome of even-odd soccer odds.

Conversely, if there is a clear gap in form between the two teams, with one team at the top of the table and the other at the bottom, the likelihood of more goals being scored will be higher. In this situation, analyzing and predicting even-odd outcomes becomes more challenging.

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Consider Even-Odd Odds as Supplementary Bets

When participating in even-odd soccer betting, luck plays a greater role, so players should limit placing large amounts of money on this type of bet. Instead, use small amounts to participate in even-odd betting and do not bet too frequently.

At the same time, to make accurate predictions, players need to maintain a good psychological state when participating in even-odd soccer betting or any other type of bet. A good mindset is an important factor that helps players make correct predictions.

Consider Betting Placements

When participating in betting, it is important to consider whether to place bets or not. Each match will have different influencing factors, and the score can change continuously throughout the match.

For matches with many fluctuations, it is not advisable to bet on the entire match. Instead, choosing to bet on the first half is a good option in this situation.

Early Cash Out

To minimize losses, players can cash out early when the betting option they choose no longer has a chance of winning. Not cashing out early risks losing the entire amount bet on a single betting option.

To optimize results, players should cash out early by placing money on an opposing bet. The winnings from the placed bet will offset the losses from the previous bet. The amount lost due to losing the bet will be equal to the difference between the odds of the two options.

Note that the earlier the cash-out, the better. This should be done before any situation that could change the outcome and before the bookmaker adjusts the odds to their advantage.

Bet on Live Even-Odd Odds during Matches

When participating in betting on live even-odd odds in soccer betting, bookmakers will constantly change the odds, even within each minute of the match. Typically, after the first 15 minutes of the match, you have enough data to make personal decisions.

Stay Calm

To ensure good betting results, players need to stay calm, confident, and not feel pressured. Although it may seem unrelated, the psychology of the player also significantly affects the betting outcome. In any situation, players must carefully consider the relationship between the betting amount and the odds to apply effective methods.

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Understanding even-odd soccer odds and how to use them will help you increase your chances of making money. Hopefully, the information provided by the experts at 78Win will help you gain more knowledge about this fascinating soccer betting type.


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